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    Welcome to the

    Career Development Website

    At The Home Depot we value our associates’ growth and
    development. We want you to be empowered to take
    control of your career at The Home Depot. Within the
    three areas you will see how to create your career plan,
    brand yourself, and shine through the application process.

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    Create a plan for success


    There are so many options at The Home Depot.
    Find out what jobs are a good match for you and how to
    develop a plan that gets you to the next job.

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    Show off who you are


    Whether it is in person or on paper, learn how to
    put your best foot forward to present your “brand.”

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    It is your time to shine


    Use the application process to your advantage.
    See the best ways to use the application process and
    knock the interview out of the park.



Create your plan for your next job at The Home Depot.



Show off what you bring to the table. Get advice on networking and looking good on paper.



It’s your chance to shine. You’ve prepared; now apply and knock the interview out of the park.

"Treating our associates well includes providing them with the opportunities and training to progress into a meaningful and rewarding career."

Bernie Marcus & Arthur Blank in Built from SCRATCH

Take the 3 minute quiz!

How ready are you for your next position?

Are you more prepared than you think? Are you just beginning your search? Some days you may think you can't wait for the next position and some days you might be very satisfied with your current position. It’s a big move. Answer these questions to see how ready you are.

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