Discover Your Fit to Specific Jobs

With so many options, it can be challenging to know which jobs are right for you. People have different interests, skills and abilities. Finding a perfect job is more than finding a job that sounds cool; it’s also about finding a job that is a great fit for you. Below are some tools to help you find the jobs that fit you best.

Find the jobs that fit your interest – take the quiz

This quiz will match how your personal interests fit to Home Depot jobs.

Take the 5 minute Quiz!

After finding the category for your interests in the "5 minute Quiz", click the links below to see more information and examples of jobs that match.

Learn from the job description to see if it fits you

The job description will tell you a lot about the job. When you are looking at available jobs, take time to look at the details of the job. On CareerDEPOT, the job information is found by clicking on the job title. To find more information on the job, search for the job description on myApron (i.e. Sales Associate job description).

When looking at the job description, ask yourself

See if the job fits your skill set

Each job needs a certain skill set. When looking to see if the job is a fit for you, it is helpful to look at what skills are needed for the job and gauge your skill level in those areas. When your strengths match the skills needed, the job is a great fit for you.

At The Home Depot, we refer to skills, knowledge and attributes as competencies. Competencies include a wide range of areas. A few examples would be creativity, negotiation and action orientation. But, there are far more. Learning about competencies and which are your strengths will help you find a good fit.

  • The first place to start is to see what competencies are your strengths and which are your opportunities by completing the Card Sort. You can also have a peer or manager sort out the competencies they feel are your strengths. Knowing how others value your skills could help you see if you are fit for various jobs at The Home Depot.
    Discovering Your Strengths Card Sort:
  • Use the job description to see what competencies are needed for various jobs. Read the job description and write down skills that are required to perform the tasks well. Use this list to compare to your own strengths and opportunities.
  • After completing the Card Sort, you may have some ideas on areas you would like to work on. Use the Development Toolbox and look for ideas to put in to your Development Blueprint.
    Development Toolbox

Gather firsthand research to see if the job fits you

Think you’ve found a job that fits you? Find out from the source

  • Job Shadow – Yes, you can actually go try out the job. Ask an associate who has the job you are interested in to see if they would let you shadow them to see what the job is really like. Additional perk – networking!
  • Interview associates in that job – Maybe you don’t have the resources to job shadow. Instead, interview the associates in the role to get firsthand information on what the job is like and if you would be a fit.

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