Competency Evaluation Tool

Information Needed

Evaluate yourself against the following competencies.

Directions: Click on the competency you want to rate yourself against. Then click on the appropriate column you would like the competency to move to (most fitting, somewhat fitting, least fitting). Repeat for each competency until you have moved them all to the appropriate columns. Keep in mind you can only have 6 competencies in each column. The order of the competencies in each column isn’t important.
Competency Definitions For Card Sort


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Most Fitting

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Somewhat Fitting

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Least Fitting

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Competency Evaluation Tool

Use these results to identify competencies where you are strong and those you may want to develop further. Development Toolbox is a useful tool for ideas. If you know what jobs you’re interested in, you can use the job description to determine what competencies are important for that job and where you need to further develop those competencies. You are encouraged to work with your manager to create a Development Blueprint.

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