Job Summaries

Customer Service Greeter

Did you know?

Customer service greeters are the first point of contact for customers entering the store; they provide fast, friendly service by actively engaging customers as they enter the building. They are completely familiar with the store layout, know how to greet, inquire and qualify every customer; they have general understanding of products and their locations within the store to be able to direct customers to the right product quickly. Customer service greeters provide customers with information related to promotional and marketing offerings. They will be expected to maintain the overall appearance of the entrance areas by straightening merchandise displayed in the area. Additionally, they will be expected to operate and move lightweight equipment, such as wheelchairs, when necessary. They will ensure ample shopping carts are available for customers and stage them for customer use.

What are customer service greeters’ interest areas?

Customer service greeters’ interests tend to be: Conventional

"Conscientious and conservative. They are logical, efficient, orderly and organized. They are thorough and detail-oriented. They value precision and accuracy. They are reliable. They enjoy practical tasks, quantitative measurements and structured environments. They follow the rules."

What skills do customer service greeters use daily?

Customer service greeters use active listening skills with their customers, effectively talk to convey information to customers, and are adept in reading and understanding written communications. They have a strong service orientation and seek out opportunities to help customers.

What are customer service greeters’ work styles?

Customer service greeters can be described as dependable, have a high attention to detail, and show ethics and integrity in their work. They have a high degree of self-control and are tolerant to minor daily stressors. Customer service greeters enjoy working with others and are cooperative, helpful and sensitive to the needs of others.

What do customer service greeters value most?

Customer service greeters most value relationships with customers and providing good service, as well as supportive work environments.