Job Summaries

Designer (Kitchen/Bath)

Did you know?

Designers support three primary store priorities: Customers First, In Stock, and Store Appearance. Designers support Customers First by providing fast, thorough, and friendly service to customers. Designers interact with customers by welcoming them to the store, assessing their kitchen and/or bath project needs, providing showroom tours, setting them up for kitchen and/or bath measures, meeting with them to go over room designs and make purchasing recommendations. Designers support In Stock initiatives by assessing stock levels of samples and brochures and restocking them as necessary. Designers support the Store Appearance priority by ensuring special order displays and showrooms promote a shopping environment that is appealing and safe. By supporting these three priorities, Designers drive sales to support department and store goals.

What are designers’ interest areas?

Designers’ interests tend to be: Artistic

"Creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate and expressive. They are unstructured, original, nonconforming and innovative. They rely on feelings, imagination and inspiration. They like to work with ideas, abstractions and concepts. They are spontaneous and open-minded.”

What skills do designers use daily?

Designers use active listening skills with their customers and can effectively convey information to others. They are typically skilled in understanding and writing design related documents. They use critical thinking skills to find solutions or approaches to design concerns. Designers have a service orientation and show “social perception” by understanding the needs of their customers and responding appropriately to those needs.

What are designers’ work styles?

Designers show initiative and are willing to take on challenges. They demonstrate self-control and are able to adapt to changes in the workplace. Designers can be described as dependable, have a high attention to detail, and show ethics and integrity in their work. They are cooperative and sensitive to the needs of others.

What do designers value most?

Designers most value independence and being able to use their strongest abilities. They also value providing service to others.