Job Summaries

District HR Manager

Did you know?

The district human resources manager (DHRM) plays a key role in establishing a customer service culture by driving the effective execution of HR processes. The DHRM is responsible for the planning and delivery of processes for Talent Management, Performance Management, and Associate Engagement for a district of 6-12 stores, with the goal of developing a workforce that achieves excellence in driving business results, customer service, and company values. DHRMs provide coaching and advisement to district/regional leaders, store leaders and associate support department supervisors (ASDS). The DHRM also works as a contributing and flexible member of the district team by assisting other team members in meeting workload demands.

What are district human resources managers’ interest areas?

District human resources managers’ interests tend to be: Enterprising

“Adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive and motivational. They like influencing others, being in charge, taking risks, debating and competing.”

What skills do district human resources managers use daily?

DHRMs are skilled in identifying the best people to perform a job. They show “social perception” by understanding the needs of their customers and responding appropriately to those needs. They use active listening skills with their customers and can speak to effectively convey information to others. They use critical thinking skills and good judgment to make quality decisions or to solve work-related problems.

What are district human resources managers’ work styles?

DHRMs are independent, show initiative and are willing to take the lead and offer direction to others. They are persistent in the face of obstacles, can adapt to changes in the work environment and consistently exert effort towards achieving their goals. They are tolerant to minor daily stressors and demonstrate high self-control. DHRMs can be described as dependable, have a high attention to detail and show ethics and integrity in their work. They are analytical thinkers that use logic to address work-related issues or problems. DHRMs are cooperative and demonstrate concern for others by being helpful and sensitive to their needs.

What do district human resources managers value most?

DHRMs most value building relationship and providing service to others.