Job Summaries

Freight Team Associate

Did you know?

Freight team associates typically work overnight stocking merchandise on to shelves to remain in stock, organizing the sales floor to create a pleasant and safe shopping environment, and providing customer service as required by customer demand.

What are freight team associates’ interest areas?

Freight team associates’ interests tend to be: Realistic

"Independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical and thrifty. They excel at tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic or mechanical. They like being outdoors, using tools, operating machines, interacting with animals and working with their hands."

What skills do freight team associates use daily?

Freight team associates use active listening skills with their customers and are skilled in conveying information to their customers. They consider all available information to make good decisions.

What are freight team associates’ work styles?

Freight team associates can be described as dependable and have a high attention to detail. They have high self-control and show ethics and integrity in their work. They can work independently and persist in the face of obstacles. They are cooperative, helpful and show concern for others.

What do freight team associates value most?

Freight team associates most value supportive work environments.