Job Summaries

Project Specialist

Did you know?

Project Specialists are responsible for promoting and generating new credit accounts and sales leads for all of the installation programs (SF&I and others) offered at The Home Depot. Project Specialists have an emphasis on credit knowledge and SF&I project knowledge providing information on program features and benefits, promotional details and dates. In addition to constructing and maintaining an in-stock condition of all Installation Services (IS) and credit displays throughout the store, Project Specialists proactively greet customers, raise awareness to all IS and credit programs, assess needs, guide decisions, overcome objections, and close sales (set up new credit accounts, set up appointments/in-home consultations, etc.). Associates in this position have strong organization skills, significant sales experience, and use knowledge, skills, and experience to build customer relationships and drive sales.

What are Project Specialists’ interest areas?

Project Specialists’ interests tend to be: Enterprising

“Adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive and motivational. They like influencing others, being in charge, taking risks, debating and competing.”

What skills do Project Specialists use daily?

Project Specialists use active listening skills with their customers; they are persuasive and skilled in conveying information to their customers. They show “social perception” by understanding the needs of their customers and responding appropriately to those needs.

What are Project Specialists’ work styles?

Project Specialists can be described as dependable and have a high attention to detail. They are willing to take the lead and tackle challenges; they persist in the face of obstacles and can adapt to changes in the workplace. They have high self-control and are tolerant to minor daily stressors. Project Specialists enjoy working with others and are cooperative and sensitive to the needs of others. They develop their own strategies to get things done and maintain personally challenging performance goals. They show ethics and integrity in their work.

What do Project Specialists value most?

Project Specialists most value good working conditions and the sense of accomplishment. They also value building relationships and providing service.