Job Summaries

Merchandising Execution Associate

Did you know?

Merchandising execution associates (MEAs) perform in-store Merchandising Services activities such as merchandising projects, planogram maintenance, overhead organization and display/signage maintenance designed to enhance the customer experience. MEAs execute merchandising strategies and ensure product is displayed correctly to drive sales and maximize inventory turns. MEAs work in teams with on-site supervision, and provide service to multiple departments in the stores. These associates execute approved general bay service, tasking, projects and resets safely, accurately and efficiently. MEAs must build and maintain strong relationships with store associates and provide superior customer service to both internal and external customers.

Store-Centric day team MEAs typically service a single store location and may be scheduled to work Monday-Friday.

Overnight MEAs service multiple store locations within a district and typically work 9pm-6am Sunday-Thursday.

What are merchandising execution associates’ interest areas?

MEAs’ interests tend to be: Conventional and Realistic

Conventional: "Conscientious and conservative. They are logical, efficient, orderly and organized. They are thorough and detail-oriented. They value precision and accuracy. They are reliable. They enjoy practical tasks, quantitative measurements and structured environments. They follow the rules."

Realistic: “Independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical and thrifty. They excel at tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic or mechanical. They like being outdoors, using tools, operating machines, interacting with animals and working with their hands.”

What skills do merchandising execution associates use daily?

MEAs utilize hand held devices and other technology to merchandise product in a safe, efficient and quality manner. MEAs use active listening skills with their customers and associates, and they can effectively speak with others to convey information. They use critical thinking skills and good judgment to make decisions and find solutions to work-related concerns. MEAs show “social perception” by understanding the needs of their customers and responding appropriately.

What are merchandising execution associates’ work styles?

MEAs have a high attention to detail and can be described as dependable. They are tolerant to minor daily stressors and can adapt to changes in the work environment. They take initiative and strive to achieve goals and objectives. They are also cooperative and sensitive to the needs of others.

What do merchandising execution associates value most?

MEAs most value good working conditions, as well as accuracy safety and efficiency.