Job Summaries

Merchant Associate

Did you know?

This position is responsible for executing the merchandising objectives for a class/subclass of merchandise. The position may buy a class and/or subclass. Writes purchase orders and tracks item performance. They implement the assortment selection process within a given class, work with senior merchants/merchants to select items for product line review, and optimize assortments using data and financial projections. They work with the respective merchandising team to implement the most appropriate supplier strategy and may negotiate terms (advertising, cost etc.).

What are Merchant Associates’ interest areas?

Merchant Associates’ Interests tend to be: Enterprising

“Adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive, and motivational. They like influencing others, being in charge, taking risks, debating, and competing.”

What skills do Merchant Associates use daily?

Merchant Associates use critical thinking and complex problem solving skills to identify problems and evaluate information and potential actions in order to implement solutions. They also use active listening to understand the needs of their customers and active learning skills to understand the implications of new information. Merchant Associates use persuasion and negotiation skills to change the minds of others and reconcile differences.

What are Merchant Associates’ work styles?

Merchant Associates can be described as dependable and demonstrate ethics and integrity in their work. They are analytical thinkers with a high attention to detail, while also being creative to develop new ideas. Merchant Associates are independent and are willing to take on challenges. They are persistent in the face of obstacles, can adapt to changes in the work environment, and consistently exert effort towards achieving their goals. They are also cooperative and demonstrate concern for others by being helpful and sensitive to their needs. They are tolerant to minor daily stressors and demonstrate high self-control.

What do Merchant Associates value most?

Merchant Associates most value work independence and feelings of accomplishment, as well as building relationships and supportive work environments.