Job Summaries

Office Associate

Did you know?

Office associates are responsible for the successful operation of the cash management, administrative services and customer service functions. Cash management includes administering all sales based cash management, accounting transactions and financial reporting for the store. Office associates are responsible for the daily back office processing and reporting of sales and other related financial and managerial records for the store. Administrative services include printing/distributing reports and ensuring the proper functioning of computer hardware/software used in the store. They are also responsible for inputting certain time and attendance information into the system, administering the maintenance, security ID administration, system troubleshooting, routine systems backups and other administrative tasks.

What are Office associates’ interest areas?

Office associates’ interests tend to be: Conventional

"Conscientious and conservative. They are logical, efficient, orderly and organized. They are thorough and detail-oriented. They value precision and accuracy. They are reliable. They enjoy practical tasks, quantitative measurements, and structured environments. They follow the rules."

What skills do Office associates use daily?

Office associates use active listening skills with their customers, effectively talk to convey important information and are adept in reading and understanding written communications.

What are Office associates’ work styles?

Office associates can be described as dependable and show ethics and integrity in their work. They have a high attention to detail and can work independently to get things done. They have high self-control, are tolerant to minor daily stressors and can adapt to changes in the work environment. They enjoy working with others and are cooperative, helpful and sensitive to others’ needs.

What do Office associates value most?

Office associates most value building relationships and providing service to others, as well as supportive work environments.