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Your Home Depot profile – The first place a recruiter looks

One of the first places Managers and recruiters will look is your Associate Profile. Therefore, take time to make sure it’s polished. Is it up to date? Does it explain your work history, or are there missing pieces? Does it say what you want it to about you? Could that information help you get your next job?

The Associate Profile is a snapshot of each salaried associate and hourly department supervisors in the Company. It provides background and work experience from inside and outside The Home Depot. The profile is used in the following areas:

  • The profile is used by hiring managers in the recruiting process to understand if an individual is a good fit for an open position and to identify associates with specific skills or experience
  • Profiles are reviewed by leadership to obtain a deeper understanding of current team members’ backgrounds
  • It’s used in the talent review and performance management process
  • It’s an important tool to help associates develop their career and build a personal brand within The Home Depot
  • Associates can update their profiles to ensure that it’s complete and accurate. After reviewing your own profile, ask yourself if you have a specific experience or skill set that is not reflected
  • Not completing or updating all sections of your profile could prevent leadership from knowing about additional value you bring to the team. You may be missing out on opportunities for career development

Use internet connections to get the job.

How you represent yourself virtually through social media is vitally important to your career development. At the heart of social media is the ability to connect. Within a few clicks, websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to research people in roles that interest you and keep up with job moves. Connecting with these people, joining groups or viewing profiles to see what has made others successful can be a huge advantage in your career pathing.

However, many times social media can be our downfall. Employers will search you online, and your online image can tell them a lot. Does it say what you want it to? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your online profile show you are responsible enough for the position?
  • Do you look like you would be a good fit for the company/team?
  • Does it look like you would make a good teammate?
  • Are you proud of the pictures and information you’ve posted online?

If the answers are yes, then you are using your online profiles to your advantage. If not, you may want to think differently about what information you allow online.

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