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Create a resume that showcases YOU!

Your resume is a vehicle for showcasing your story. Remember you are marketing yourself!

Tips you should keep in mind when building your resume:

  • Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities
  • Make the resume easy to read – a clear font and format allow for eyes to focus on the most important information and follow the logical flow of the resume
  • Keep it an appropriate length by using clear, concise and crisp language
  • Give a well-rounded picture of your background, experiences and interests; ask yourself; "If I’m looking at this resume for the first time, does it highlight the key ideas of my story?"
  • Use examples, highlight specialized skills and competencies that set you apart
  • Edit and proofread your resume several times for grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Seek feedback from others who have reviewed your resume
  • Ask yourself the final question: Would I want to hire this person?

Top Tip - Create a SPECIFIC resume

How to Build a Specialized Resume:

When applying for a specific job, you should always tailor your resume for that job. Recruiters look for specific verbiage when sourcing candidates.

EXAMPLE: If you are applying for a Customer Care position and you have Customer Service experience on your resume, be sure to change the wording on your resume to reflect Customer Care instead of Customer Service. These key words may determine if your resume is selected for review by recruiters.

How do you know what words to use?

Look at the job post and research the Company’s website. See what titles and descriptions they use to define the Company and job openings.

How a cover letter could send you to the top of the stack!

Cover letters should also be tailored specifically to the positions for which you are applying.

5 keys to a successful cover letter:

  1. Give a snapshot of your skills, qualifications and interests
  2. Show how you can add unique value(s) to the organization
  3. Give a key example of your qualifications for the position; use specific numbers and metrics when possible
  4. Provide a sample of your writing ability
  5. Express your interest in the position and your eagerness to be considered

Do not fall for these common resume mistakes:

  • Do not use fragrances, pictures or colored paper
  • Avoid the use of the “I” pronoun on your resume
  • Do not surpass two pages in length unless you have more than 10 years of work experience
  • Do not use the same resume for every job application – tailor your resume to the job
  • Do not include paragraphs of information – make it bulleted, short and sweet, providing only the most important information

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