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Apply for a job at The Home Depot

Learn about all open positions and then apply at CareerDepot - our exclusive internal career site.

Learn about new openings instantly

Make it easy to learn about new openings by setting up Search Agents on CareerDepot.

Search Agents are search engines that use key words to identify/locate talent via ATS, Monster, Career Builder, etc. This feature automatically keeps you informed of new jobs that fall under the parameters of your search.

Tips on applying at CareerDepot

  • Be sure to complete the entire application! While your Manager might know your history, the recruiter does not. Be sure to include what makes you a fit!
  • Use the resume you’ve customized for the position you’re interested in
  • Attach a cover letter - This could be your ticket to an interview
  • Get to know someone in that function and let them know you’re interested in a role in their area. Possibly ask for a referral
  • Remember to tell your Manager you are applying for another position. Need help? Watch the video
  • Find out who the recruiter is for the role you’ve applied for, and follow up

The top 5 questions recruiters get asked

Answer: No, CareerDepot only allows you to apply to a specific position one time.

Answer: Yes and No

First, make sure you meet the requirements for the job before you apply and have the experience to apply to that level/role. Be realistic about what you should actually apply for – do you have that experience or does the role just sound good? Ask yourself this first: Do I fit that role at least 80%? If so, then you can apply.

Second, you should ensure you are having conversations about “next steps” with your manager. For example, don’t apply to every store manager position in your region that opens up, instead work with your manager to find out if you are the right fit and if you would even be considered for a store manager role. If you have the experience needed for all the positions you are applying to, then make sure you customize your resume to fit the applicable roles.

Answer: No, the “Black Hole” is just a legend. However, sometimes hundreds of people apply to a position. If you aren’t the right fit, don’t meet the requirements and don’t have enough experience, you most likely won’t be considered or contacted.

Answer: Check CareerDepot to ensure your application was processed. You should also receive a “thank you” email for the positions you apply to – if you didn’t, then check back on CareerDepot. Remember, Home Depot receives millions of applications so be patient. Sometimes it could take a while to hear back. Based on the volume of applications we receive daily, you may not be contacted at all - especially if you do not meet the minimum and preferred qualifications of a position.

Answer: Yes, recruiters will not understand your work history and past experiences without one. You are competing with externals who most likely will have one. This is also your first impression, so sell yourself. Recruiters want to understand your accomplishments and will be unable to do so unless you provide us the details.

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